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$1.50/month, 2016-04-02/2016-06-01

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$700.00/year, 2016-04-29/2016-04-11

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$100.00/week, 2016-04-30/2016-04-28

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From the purely practical to the richly philosophical, design is the solution to a host of challenges. (Divisor 1)

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Service Large Room

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Morning Light and Mediations


Daylight savings started today and thus I rose before the sun. My body and mind were reluctant but once up with a cup of tea in hand, I got to admire and enjoy the morning light. The morning light is soft, warm, and yellow. The low angle of the sun to the earth creates this gentle glow on the planet at both sunrise and sunset. Here along the east side of the Rocky Mountains we get spectacular morning light since the sun rises on the horizon 50 or so miles away. The front range mountains light up first in pink and orange, followed by a receding shadow line to the east. When clouds are present on the horizon, we get an array of other warm, low angle, defracted shades of magenta and purple. This moment in time is like a warm cup of cocoa. Sweet, luscious and short lasting. I use this analogy because our best sunrises occur during the winter months when the sun is at its most southern apex. When the earth is at its chilliest and when a thick cup of cocoa warms the heart and spirit in mind and body.

Daylight savings also marks the beginning of spring, longer and warmer days and the return of our songbirds. Now that the magic moment of sunrise has passed, the day has begun and the robins are singing in the day. Another sweet reminder to wake up and enjoy all the gifts in the universe! Cultivate your inner garden with love and light!

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